California is the undisputed leader for solar throughout the whole of the United States, with more solar energy generated than the rest of the top ten states combined. One of the key components to California’s success is the state’s net metering policy, which allows homeowners and businesses to receive bill credits for solar electricity produced. With the help of net metering, a properly designed and installed solar system from RPV Solar allows you to offset as much of your electricity usage as possible, in some cases as high as 100%. Over your solar system’s guaranteed lifetime this will typically save you tens of thousands of dollars.

The best solution for you everytime.

RPV Solar prides itself in offering personalized service, real quality, and honest advice. We only use the best possible equipment, and we always design the system to meet your specific needs rather than simply fitting you into a generic system. RPV Solar will find the best possible solution whether it be roof mounted, ground mounted, shade structure or a combination of these or something new. We work with almost every roof covering type, so even if you have been told "No" we should be able to say "Yes".

Unlike our competitors we encourage you to compare bids, our pricing is always competitive, and we have found that the biggest installers typically do not offer the best price. We can also not stress enough how important it is to use the right equipment for your exact needs, as accepting otherwise can seriously impact your system’s performance. Along with typically higher prices, in our experience, national-scale installers also tend to offer fewer solar equipment options and often reject projects that present any challenges. RPV Solar excel at overcoming challenges and we guarantee that our system will perfectly match your needs.

With decades of experience in providing custom solutions to our clients, we are very proud to continue serving them and welcoming new customers almost entirely through recommendations from the friends we once called clients.